Credit 101

About Credit Scores

Credit scores are one of the most confusing and misunderstood parts of personal finance.

In simple terms, your credit score is a three-digit number based on a your bill-paying history and debt profile along with statistical information about other borrowers. Lenders use this data to determine the likelihood of certain credit behaviors, including whether you will pay on time.

Your score is derived from five key factors:

Increasingly, credit scores are being used for purposes other than determining whether you will default on a loan or make late payments. For example, some insurers are using low credit scores as indicators to identify individuals they believe are more likely to make claims against their insurance policies. These insurance companies maintain that there is a correlation between poor credit and filing multiple insurance claims. There have been challenges to these practices and legislative attempts to ban this practice. Nonetheless, the practice persists. An accurate credit score can make the difference not only in interest rates charged on loans, but also on the availability and cost of insurance, an important essential for most families.

Rebuilding Credit

Once negative items get reported to any of the three major credit bureaus, they generally remain there for SEVEN years, with the exception of bankruptcy, which remains there for TEN years!

Here's What the Credit Bureaus WON'T TELL YOU!

None of these items need to be on your credit report. There is no legal requirement for any of these items to appear on your credit report. You have STATE and FEDERAL laws that protect your rights. We utilize these laws to help you improve your credit report.

By going through our process you can improve each of your credit reports and increase your ability to obtain Mortgage Loans, Credit Cards, Auto Loans and All Types of Consumer Credit. Additionally, a good credit score means better rates on all types of insurance as well as the interest rate on your credit cards. Some companies won't hire you if your credit is bad!

We provide the opportunity for you to get back into the credit system.

Since there are no laws that require the credit bureaus to report any negative information on you -- with the exception of past due child support -- you may wonder why the bureaus often refuse to remove negative information. It is because that negative information is owned by the creditor or collection agency that reported it. These creditors and collectors are the CUSTOMERS of the credit bureau. So they have a monetary relationship with each other and their allegiance is with EACH OTHER not YOU!

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